The Art and History of Figeac is a medieval city full of charm. The old town, rich in ancient heritage, calls for a walk. The picturesque alleys along mansions with carved gables and stone houses are wooden walls, no doubt, the hikers happy. An unmissable stopping while traversing the historical center, the beautiful Writings Square with its contemporary work of art in black granite of the hand of Joseph Kosuth, it represents a huge replica of the Rosetta stone. For those who want to know more about the world of writing allows the Champollionmuseum a rich exhibition on the decipherer of hieroglyphs Jean-François Champollion, and the history of writing for. The visit to Figeac continues with an old building, the Mint. This lovely medieval house from the 13th century houses the museum of the Old Figeac to get to know through his collections of minerals and coins offered by the history of the city. Finally, it goes to the viewpoint near Notre-Dame-du-Puychurch to enjoy a beautiful view of the medieval city. From above it is the view of the roofs of the old town beautiful!